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DOL Resource Center

You need tools. We have put together the best resources from our carriers and created some tools you can use to be compliant with the DOL Fiduciary Rule under PTE 84-24 for 2017. 

DOL Compliant Disclosures 

Your agents will use these tools for every qualified sale.

How To Comply with the DOL for 2018

PTE 84-24 Disclosure

Best Interest Review

Annuity Needs Assessment

Disclosure Templates 

Remember, there are no 'standard' disclosure forms to comply with the DOL. You can use ours or use these templates to create your own:

Alternative PTE 84-24 Disclosure

LSW Disclosure Statement of Recommendations

North American Best Interest Questionnaire

North American Best Interest Review Template

DOL Information from Carriers

North American Understanding Your Fiduciary Obligations Guide

Athene - Guide to the DOL

DOL Fiduciary Delay FAQ

LSW/NLG DOL Information Page (Login Required)

AIG DOL Playbook

DOL Training for your Agents

DOL website

EquiTrust DOL Training (Login Required)

North American DOL Resource Center (Login Required)

National Life Group - Recorded DOL Compliance Webinar

AIG DOL Training Seminar (Login Required)

Need a Presentation for your agents? Use this - DOL Fiduciary Slides

Best Practices

Be ready for the DOL Fiduciary Rule

  • Review your book of business and determine how much of your business is impacted.
  • Review the new product universe for FIA business under the DOL Rule.
  • Modify your process to include the new best interest form and 84-24 disclosure.
  • If you aren’t already using a financial needs analysis software, consider it.
Marketing PDF's and Email Blasts

Agent Training Handouts

Let us put your logo on these pieces! 

Annuity Cheat Sheet

Company Booklet - Custom

The Annuity Sales Process

Annuity Needs Assessment

Pre-sale Worksheet

Email Blast ads

We have over 40 ads to customize for you! Below are a few examples. Ask about our other carriers, products, and seasonal ads!

EquiTrust MarketTen - Custom

North American - Jump Start - Custom

North American - Great Products - Custom

Athene Performance Elite - Custom

NEW! Guggenheim Highlander FIA

Carrier Marketing Websites (no logins required!)

American Equity Marketing

North American Marketing

Great American Marketing

Point-of-Sale Presentations

A. Senior Markets Presentations

12 Retirement Risks - PDF

Preserving Your Estate - PDF

Private Retirement Plan - PDF

Social Security Seminar Brochure

CD vs Annuity Presentation - PDF

Agent Training Center

A. Annuity Starter Kit

What is an Annuity?

Understanding Index Crediting Methods (Allianz)

How FIA Indexes Work (North American)

Strategy Overview: Annual Point-to-Point (Great American)

Annuity Rollover Guide

3 Questions to Ask in Every Appointment

What is the Difference Between a Transfer vs a Rollover?

B. Advanced Annuity Topics

Required Minimum Distributions (IRS)

Understanding Inherited Non-Spouse IRAs

How does the MVA Work? (EquiTrust)

How Does an Income Rider Work? (EquiTrust)

How FIA Indexes Work (North American)

What are the Tax Benefits of Annuities?

Pre-Recorded Webinars

(Ask how you can recieve these today!)

Course 101 - The Basics 

- Covers basic fixed annuities from SPIAs to Equity Index

Cours 102 - Equity Index Annuities

- A guide to selling equity indexed annuity products. An overview of    credited rates, product chasis, participation caps and more.

Course 103 - Selling Fixed Annuities

- A discussion of sales techniques and strategies for presenting fixed annuities to clients.

Agency Training Tools

A. Annuity University - Train and service agents with this educational portal full of tools for the Annuity producer.

B. Annuity Minute Video - Quick weekly video customized with your agency logo. Great way to update your agents with weekly informative communications on annuity market.

C. Annuity Reference Guides - Updated Weekly for both Traditional annuities as well as Equity Index products.


Weekly Marketing Idea

A: Weekly Marketing Idea

Bankers Life SPDA 5

B: New at the iGROUP

NEW! OneAmerica Product Portfolio

New! Allianz Preferred Product Portfolio (Call for details!)

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